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jieliwei machinery equipment co., LTD

Hebei JieLiWei Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd(JieLiWei) is located at 104 road east, 2 km south of Dongguang City, Hebei Province,
China, which is a professional manufacturer for cotton processing machinery.
After years of unremitting efforts, the company has developed into a h...more

JILIWEI-   Honesty-treated,   Quality-oriented

We can produce all kinds of textile machines according to customers’ requirements.
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  • MT -2000B   Automatic netting cotton quilt batting production line
  • MT-2000A  Automatic lapping cotton quilt batting production line
  • MT-1200C Semi-Automatic wadding making machine
  • 100% cotton wadding

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Address: 104 Road East, 2 km South of Dongguang City, Hebei Province
Tel:+86 15532787287(International Trade Department)
+86 15832730111 (Domestic Trade Department )
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